La Línea Borrosa
Pointing Rock Drive
 Silent Meditation Forest Cabin Proposal  Team: Patrick Cordelle, Joe Cordelle  Our cabin proposal is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Latvian hut. The design of the space is based on the concept of passive stack ventilation. The cabin features a 19:12 roof that terminates at the top with an operable skylight that provides indirect light as well as a way to control ventilation. During the warmer months of the year, the skylight can be operated remotely to control air circulation. During the winter, the cabin can be heated with a small wood burning stove.
 Massing concept for a small hotel with a cafe and outdoor gallery space.
 A concept for an outdoor classroom. The large butterfly roof not only provides shade, but it also collects rainwater into a large tank. The water will be used to water a class garden.
 A series of renderings for a new hotel coming soon to Hillcrest.   Client: The Red Office
The Barrio
The Fortress Museum and Resort
 Two concepts for the Calamity Atelier architecture competition. The competition site is Arte Sella, a unique park in the mountains of northern Italy where people discover large outdoor sculptures as they hike through nature. The brief was to design five sculpture atelier where artists would live and work creating sculpture for the park. I decided to design a prototype for a studio that could be replicated. The studios would need large open spaces to work, good light, and a large door to bring in equipment and materials. Because the sculpture will ultimately be outdoors, it was important that the space have a strong connection with nature.
 A series of models made during John Lange's Studio at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.